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  1. Nick

    gj boyos, wish i could have made it
  2. Nick


    Actually the only time im active is to flame @Stl Arrow Just had a little extra time today
  3. Nick


  4. Nick


    Def was when we were elite, who can forget such amazing plays as this 1 https://streamable.com/94dye
  5. Nick

    grats to both of ya on the easy lewt
  6. Nick

    I use a gigabyte m8000x, was a gift ages ago and has always served me well
  7. Nick

    ofc joe lmao
  8. Nick

    My cousin and I ran the numbers a little bit more accurately back during our days in Vengeance, and a post can be found there detailing the overall dps and accuracy. We calculated melee and range dps against a 99 def account (tank or main, doesnt matter) in typical pk gear with saradomin brew defense bonus and rig/piety/augury (most accounts with over 75 def will be using one of these prayers while tanking, and will sip a brew or have already sipped a brew). We also realized that a ZGS has improved dps against our defending target even in the hands of a 99 att zerk. Either way, the massive ranged advantage for meds in the current meta pushes meds over the top, with only a minor advantage in melee dps to the zerk (this leaves room for proficient zerk pkers to still find a good use in the current scene). The other option which we found interesting was the very comparable melee accuracy between an 80 attack (70 def to keep within cb ranges) med level. The 80 attack med being a much better middle ground between the very high melee accuracy of the zerks, tankiness/ranged dps of a med, while still maintaining the same max cb level of the scene.
  9. fun af trip, les do it again
  10. Nick

    Was fun af, lets do it again
  11. Spun their heads off we did, special shoutout to @nistly my man for forgetting prot item
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