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  1. Lines

    grats bro. What did you think of the platform part of the quest? The part where you gotta avoid all the monkeys... shit made me wanna put a hole through my pc
  2. Lines

    @Cheaky Thanks broski
  3. Lines

    Feel like Im getting really shit xp doing strength training. Are there any better methods? Better places? Gear? Ive been at elder chaos druids but Im getting maybe a little more than being in NMZ. Obviouly Im working on 75 pray now lol. But this is the gear I was using... just realized I wasn't using my defender lol. Any help would be sick. Thanks!
  4. Lines

    Damn better gifts than I get on V day ๐Ÿ˜›
  5. Lines

    Ez win for Res yet again! Good Shit bois!
  6. Lines

    Shit was fun af. Thanks for the invite! Back to training so i dont get gang banged by pures xD
  7. Lines

    Yeah im gonna add Obito's white and orange mask on my shelf on foam heads ๐Ÿ˜„. I wanted to get the head bands so I might look into a few of those. I really really wanna find Haku's anbu mask that he took lol.
  8. Lines

    hmmm never heard of it. Ill definitely check it out tho. Just another one to watch while I train up ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks bro!
  9. Lines

    damn thats a decent list. Enough to get me thru 94 str lol. I have time for the fillers currently, cause I am watiing for my wife to get to italy before watching Shippuden. Naruto is really the only one that I've gotten into, but i've been hooked since day 1. The fillers are a bit slow, but there are some funny stories in them. I've heard good things about OPM and Parasite, but havent watched either. I was into Death Note for a bit, but stopped since I've been no life on Naruto. Have you seen Fairy Tale? My friend says its good, and I really enjoy the soundtrack, but I've yet to watch it. ALso wanna check out One Piece and My Hero Acedamia (or however you spell it). I was looking into getting some merchandise too lol. I have a lot of Funk Pops that are lined around my room, but only like 2 Naruto ones. I just bought the Fourth Hokage Cloak and the Akatsuki Cloak that I am gonna hang side by side in my game room lol. Thanks for the list on what is good to watch!
  10. Lines

    Ive heard good things about both, but never really seen them. I wanted to look into bleach here soon ๐Ÿ˜›
  11. Lines

    Currently on a ton of fillers lol... trying to power through to Shippuden lol
  12. Lines

    Not sure if anyone in here watches anime, but i've recently become a fan of it. I never really gave it a chance (other than DBZ when I was a kid), but i've been crazy about the Naruto series. I am almost finished with the original, but I am super excited for Shippuden. I watch a lot of the fan made AMVs on youtube, and am really excited to see Minato in action in Shippuden. Trying to figure out some other good anime to kill time and alleviate some of the grind of training strength xD. Any ideas for good anime to watch? Here is my favorite AMV of Minato!!
  13. hows everyone doing?!


    1. Will



  14. Lines

  15. big W for Resurgence!