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  1. Ahhh yes 

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    wow looked like big own
  3. Will

    res wins again
  4. Seeing that it's Wednesday, we figured we would hit up our local slam piece Vengeance and fuck them for the usual +1 drops. We weren't disappointed as minutes into the fight the sky opened up and it rained Viking +1s. Obviously due to it being even ops, Vengeance were getting out-spammed, outperformed and had to resort to calling Dolphins and then PD. This made no difference to us as we out gained them and fought through the adversity. After about 30 minutes of fighting we figured that we would call the honorable Sovereign clan to AC the fight and clear the mains (thanks btw). As soon as Veng didn't have +2 clans helping them, they decided to run for the hills. What an awkward alliance, thanks for the easy loot Vengeance + viking minions (Playdead lmfao). Afterwards we kept sweeping altar - while veng clan ended btw - and got a few sick kills for some ez guap.
  5. Will

    Res wins again
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    Nice job
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    veng exploded
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    Grats broooo
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    ly lad ♥️
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    u make bank in edge