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Status Updates posted by Will

  1. Ahhh yes 

  2. I see you rat fucks lurking. Just pm me like the other two people have already this week - I pay well, unlike @Stl Arrow!

    Edited by Will
  3. I’m fucking your clan and your mom Emil lmfao

  4. has veng ever not been the punching bag of the clan world? 

    1. Ouija
    2. Studyworkcry


      Nope even when Av and Turm were warring everydays we ended Veng without knowing it.

    3. Miltz


      Only time ever was when we lead it 👀 funny that eh

  5. Living in veng ts rent free 

    1. Ouija


      you act like its a good thing, when i am doing it im like get me the fuck out of here 

      Edited by Ouija
  6. better hope for another 40 man pull sunday, it's quite clear veng can't handle matched ops l0l

    1. Ouija


      maybe not 40 if they can get pd to come save them again lol

      Edited by Ouija
    2. Stl Arrow
  7. im just waiting for another mental breakdown from twinkleberry in TS during the next singles trip. that shit was hilarious 🤣

  8. veng smoked lmfao. thanks for the free gp

  9. Very quiet over at veng hq

    1. Sparklz


      they get tired of huggin singles when they know we out pd wont always be able to save them. they obviously have no intentions of doing anything but slowly coming to their demise and it shows

  10. Veng has stepped it up a notch! From losing AGS weekly, now to dying for max! LMFAO 340m! 


  11. Vengeance has gotten worse and worse with each version. This current one takes the cake though, by FAR. 

  12. Fucking beg you dogs 

  13. Stay tuned for the audio production. Coming to theaters near you!

  14. Res on my chest 

  15. Lawrence 4 MVP

    1. Lawrence


      Not today! Got benched for 2 sets....

  16. ParaGONE lmfao. In b4 merge 

    1. Lawrence


      Sounds bout right lmfao

  17. Unbeatable, uncontrollable, uncontested pound for pound KINGS.

  18. Speak up pussy lmfao


  19. the guy below me kisses my pinky toe before bed every night and calls me daddy 

  20. what a fucking day

  21. The person below me has carpet burns 

  22. didn't know #1 was gonna be this ez lol

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