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    about time 😎
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    looks good homie
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    gf liths
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    SHARKBREW TOPIC @Miltz and the leader of Liths got together and we agreed upon a little fight early in the day. Both clans massed up and we were given +2 ops with standard rules on. First round we pulled an early lead before the brought it back. Due to some strong tanking and coordination we pulled away to a massive lead. The second round we decided to just do +1 ops. This round was extremely close with them taking it by 1 kill. Third round was knock out and we met in the middle. We caught multiple mages in robes and smoked them, easily taking round 3. Thanks for fight Liths. ROUND 1: WIN ROUND 2: L ROUND 3: WIN
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    ur a wizard Harry
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    If you ain’t first you’re last