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    Resurgence makes money on & off the field soz u had to go night night @Will
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    SHARKBREW TOPIC @Miltz and the leader of Liths got together and we agreed upon a little fight early in the day. Both clans massed up and we were given +2 ops with standard rules on. First round we pulled an early lead before the brought it back. Due to some strong tanking and coordination we pulled away to a massive lead. The second round we decided to just do +1 ops. This round was extremely close with them taking it by 1 kill. Third round was knock out and we met in the middle. We caught multiple mages in robes and smoked them, easily taking round 3. Thanks for fight Liths. ROUND 1: WIN ROUND 2: L ROUND 3: WIN
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    Drop party and 99 magic!
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    you forgot once you get to revs caves to stand at entrance for another 10mins
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    Most active zerk / med / tank clan! Join Resurgence today
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    APPLY FELLA'S! @Kizer @Dysphoria @GloweN @Holsombeck
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    I'll do my trial app tonight when I get home from work
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    tried it before, was dead as fuck couldn't find shit
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    Welcome to the boards
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    Apex smoked lol. Easy for the surgeons
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    Fuck yeah, you ready for free smoke? Welcome dog
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    Only watched full metal alchemist :P
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    Impressive introduction I feel like I know you already please feel free to use me as a reference if you decide on joining as I'm unclear if you intend to. Thank you for using the correct template, that's some great stats mine are similar, they're - - - - - -. Magic is such an awesome name I wish my parents were into things like that when they thought of mine, but hey I'm named after a wonderful president of the United States of America. I see you're bored of pures we try our best here at Resurgence HQ to prevent boredom. We have a marvelous community. Hope to talk soon! Welcome to the forums!