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    Tonight was just like any other night, the prominent Resurgence Holy Order set out on its daily saunter filling our purses fat. We did our routine check at altar claiming heads and slicing competition as the big surgeons we are. Altar got cleared and we made our way to claim glory hill. We logged into some randoms and quickly took elevation on their hopes of winning the scrap, but they didn't stop there. The unnamed clan returned minutes later through GDZ and another scrap immersed. A few minutes into the fight PD shows up and the free for all began. The fight lasted 15 minutes as we promptly transitioned between kill to kill with ease. We filled our bags and dipped showing our dominance. Good fight PD A tweety bird flew our way with news of a Vengeance small man. Tasty. We rushed into them at RDG, they were instantly lost. There was no hindrance, there was no returning, there was no hope. Vengeance shows us yet again what their definition of being the #1 RP/Med/Tank Clan is... 😕 The rest of the night was a continuation of filling our sacks as Vengeance went back to PVMing, plotting on their next clan to merge with. Thanks all for the action.
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    Dear Arch Bishop Steeze Beautiful topic, perfect late night read! Hope to see you tomarrow at next trip! Kindest of Regards The holy order
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    welcome my friend ❤️
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    Welcome too the boards pal
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    We didn't put you on the Holy Order for nothing. We have work to do. Welcome
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    took you long enough. welcome.
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    Mfw Thomas bitches about 1 main lmao. As if you've ever had a chance at competing with us 😂
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    Return of the Kings remember.
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    Hello Surgers, A little insight on a feature I stumbled upon while gallivanting through the forums. Disabling and enabling forum signatures. Just in case you were curious 😉 Enjoy.
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    IR does suck dick tho
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