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    Surgey girls. You may or may not know that starting late December Sharkbrew opened up the voting for their '2018 awards'.. Now it's important to remember at this point, we'd been open fully for a month. El oh el. It's safe to say that we cleaned the fuck up. The ranks knew this would happen, it's fucking obvious who #1 are, but it's important for us to have these awards on show to attract some new talent my Gs. We were voted for by people from all walks of clanning, from pure clans to main clans, and we dominated the Zerk/Tank/Med scene votes. Here were the categories that we (realistically) could have won (or lost in some cases I guess): 1. Zerk clan with highest potential Winners: Resurgence 2. Most successful Zerk clan Winners: Resurgence 3. Best wilderness Zerk clan Winners: Resurgence 4. Most likely Zerk clan to close Winners (/losers): Paragon 5. Most irrelevant Zerk clan Winners (/losers): Paragon SO THERE YOU FUCKING HAVE IT BOYS. A CLEAN SWEEP FOR SURGERS BABY......... Shit I nearly forgot to mention. We also had our very own PERSONAL award winner.. Best P2P caller: Winner: Will the Trill (@Will) Anyway, get these fucking signatures up on your fucking walls, get them tattooed on you, @Cheaky asked his mum to have one blown up on a big canvas and he's going to take it in to put on the wall at work. @Dalton is having one made into a banner so we can fly it at @Stl Arrow's next football game. DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT WITH EM KIDS. Anyway, ENJOY and well fucking done men, this is what comes from being #1.
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    Tonight was just like any other night, the prominent Resurgence Holy Order set out on its daily saunter filling our purses fat. We did our routine check at altar claiming heads and slicing competition as the big surgeons we are. Altar got cleared and we made our way to claim glory hill. We logged into some randoms and quickly took elevation on their hopes of winning the scrap, but they didn't stop there. The unnamed clan returned minutes later through GDZ and another scrap immersed. A few minutes into the fight PD shows up and the free for all began. The fight lasted 15 minutes as we promptly transitioned between kill to kill with ease. We filled our bags and dipped showing our dominance. Good fight PD A tweety bird flew our way with news of a Vengeance small man. Tasty. We rushed into them at RDG, they were instantly lost. There was no hindrance, there was no returning, there was no hope. Vengeance shows us yet again what their definition of being the #1 RP/Med/Tank Clan is... 😕 The rest of the night was a continuation of filling our sacks as Vengeance went back to PVMing, plotting on their next clan to merge with. Thanks all for the action.
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    Combined all the awards into one
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    veng discussing their closure date after today
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    added to the snipe list
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    Veng is like mid level version of wilderness guardians lol. Strait dog shit
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    Makes it easier for us to get 2 know abit about you, Welcome too the boards
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    Didnt know becoming #1 was going to be this easy
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    Didnt know becoming #1 was going to be this easy
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    Welcome too the boards pal
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    Dear Arch Bishop Steeze Beautiful topic, perfect late night read! Hope to see you tomarrow at next trip! Kindest of Regards The holy order
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    If you do altar with us just know that Shaun refuses to split anything over 50k
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    Knowing very well we had a CWA today vs Sanity, we nonetheless massed up at 11:00 est to start the sweep. We moved between locations deep wildy, clearing fuckin retards everywhere. About 4 hours into the PK trip @Shaun @We1 @Will @Wildes @Rylan @Green Arrow @Out On Bond baited the biggest whale into our holy temple. We fucking took his max set and sent him back to his mommy begging for her credit card. Along with this kill, we took 30m+ in bones and an AGS along with the mystic sets and other single pker loot. We then took a quick break and massed for our CWA, ending up losing 2-1 to Sanity in a close lil fight. Afterwards we went back to altar and gained to 20+ so we went caves. After 30 mins of hoping caves Rylan found his Armadyl Godsword Vengeance clan and we proceeded to clear them. We then fought them again down ops it looked like and they were cleared again in mere seconds. After this we cleared and gwas'd Ibilys before calling it a day.
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    Asking my barber to shave it on the side of my head
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    THat fucking JOOOOUUUICEEEE boys. Hella sick. Yall made bank today guys good shit. Be running with yall soon!
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    easy work for the men in resurgence. if you are tired of running in the wild, make your intro.
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    Everyone bsed eachother atleast 5 times each yet your the only 1 complaining....something isnt right there. Off to Veng you go. OT: Was fun af listening to you shitheads go ape shit in TS for an hour lmao.
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    Damnnnnn No one said thank you for my DH set donations. Mother Fuckers are UnThankful. -.-
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    good shit surgeons. wish i was there but pussy is #1
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    Lmmfao at the fact will won best f2p caller. Only ever seen him in f2p asking me for a bond 😂😂😂